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Edblo Barcelona Bed

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  • What can you expect to find in a EDBLO BARCELONA BED :                                    

Firm Comfort Support

  • Selection of high density comfort layers and fibres for a firm, comfortable sleep surface

- Ultracare 

  • Antimicrobial mattress fabric protection which keeps you safe from the development of:

            - Fungi and mould 

            - Bacteria and bad odours 

            - Allergens 

- Comfort Layers

  • Layers of long-lasting foam and durability ensures a comfortable sleep surface for a great night's sleep 

- Dual Bonnell Spring Unit 

  • The best of both! Mini Bonnell Spring System initially compressess, but then gets firmer the more it is compressed, resulting in a 'soft but firm' bed. Bonnell Spring System provides you with long lasting, even support

- Dual Insulator Pad

  •  Superior insulator pad placed above, in between and below the spring systems it eliminates spring feel and comfort layers from shifting for lasting, consistent comfort

- Dual Edge Support 

  • Placed around both the spring systems it reinforces the mattress edge and increase your sleeping area by preventing the edges from sagging

- Vents 

  • Allow the comfort layers to breathe ensuring a hygienic sleep surface 

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