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Rest Assured

Rest Assured Cambridge Bed

Rest Assured Cambridge Bed

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Plush Pillow Top - Luxurious moisture dispensing VISCOSE BREATHE blue gel and
Hyper Soft polyurethane layers offer a comfortable yet supportive plush top layer.

Nested Pocket - The pocket springs are individually packed by hand in a honey comb configuration giving a 30% greater spring count and support.

Foam Encased - The spring unit in encased in a high density firm polyurethane foam as a reinforced edge support.

Minimal Transfer - The pocket spring unit being individually packed and glued together limits the movement transfer and your partner will not be disturbed if you toss and turn.

Open Cell Technology - Polyurethane Foams are manufactured with an open cell structure which allows for ventilation ensuring an ultra hygienic sleep environment.

Hygienic & Non Toxic - All foams used in the manufacturing process are produced in-house at
Strand-foam Group and is completely stable, non-toxic and Hygienic.

Non Turn - Simple rotation of the mattress will ensure both comfort and longevity
without having to turn the mattress.

Electronically tempered - The pocket springs are electronically tempered for more rigidity and to ensure a minimal compression set.

Imported Ticking -  The soft touch imported ticking is micro-quilted to ensure optimum heat dissipation. 


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