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Samsung 520L Side by Side Fridge - Silver

Samsung 520L Side by Side Fridge - Silver

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Brand: Samsung 

Colour: Silver 


Stylish & harmonious
Stylish Minimal Design
Give your home a stylishly modern and minimalist look. The Stylish Minimal Design has a clean and contemporary appearance. So it will fit harmoniously into your kitchen. It features an elegant Inox finish and beautiful flat doors. And vertical handles emphasize its elegant symmetry.

Less noise & energy
Digital Inverter Technology
Enjoy long-lasting performance, energy efficiency of up to 50%*, precise temperature and less noise compared to a conventional compressor. Digital Inverter Compressor gradually speeds up and slows down in response to cooling requirements across 7 gears by utilising smart sensors. Adjusting speed means it suffers less wear and tear, making it durable and it operates silently. This durability is backed up by a 20-year warranty*.

Frost free freshness
No Frost
Preserve the freshness of food for longer without freezing. No Frost technology maintains a constant optimal temperature in every corner by enhancing the air circulation. It stops the build up of ice on food, like vegetables, so they stay tasting fresh. And avoids the need to defrost your fridge.

Cools every corner
All-around Cooling
Make sure that everything in the fridge is cooled effectively, so food stays fresher. The All-around Cooling system cools every inch of the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level to maintain a constant and optimal temperature.

Powerful freezing
Power Freeze
Freeze your food or make ice in a flash! At the touch of a button, the Power Freeze function automatically sets the freezer temperature to the lowest level and creates a rapid blast of intensely cold air. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food, like ice cream, and making ice quickly.

Neatly store more
Dairy Guard
Organize and neatly store dairy produce and wine. An optional Dairy Guard/Wine Rack is specially designed to store your favorite dairy foods. It can also safely hold bottles of wine, so they don’t roll around. You can make the best use of the available space and easily reach everything you need.

Physical specification
Net Width (mm)

Net Case Height with Hinge (mm)

Net Depth with Door Handle (mm)

Net Depth without Door Handle (mm)

Net Depth without Door (mm)

Packing Width (mm)

Packing Height (mm)

Packing Depth (mm)

Net Weight (kg)

Packing Weight (kg)

20 / 40 / 40 H (Container)
18 / 36 / 36

Model Number: RS52N3B13S8

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