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Bawas Collection

1 Door Top Mount Nogueira – Niagara

1 Door Top Mount Nogueira – Niagara

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Discover the luxury and sophistication of the 1 Door Top Mount Nogueira – Niagara. This elegant design offers exquisite craftsmanship and a timeless style that can instantly transform the look of any space. With a beautiful finish and superior durability, the 1 Door Top Mount Nogueira – Niagara is the perfect statement piece for any home.

Brand: Bawas Collection

Colour: Walnut & Natural Oak

Material: Medium Density Particleboard

Care Instructions: Avoid using any abrasive cleaning products. Wipe wooden surface with dry cloth to remove dirt particles and dust. Use wooden cleaner with a microfiber cloth to remove stains. Soaking wet cloth may cause water damage.

Additional Information

Weight 10.15 kg

Dimensions 320 × 800 × 470 mm

Item Code: MWBR8251DT

This Product Will Arrive Unassembled In a Box

Delivery Takes 7-21 Working Days

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