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OMS 7 Piece Cookware Set - Beige

OMS 7 Piece Cookware Set - Beige

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What’s really great about OMS is its large-sized pots and pans that enable you to cook large quantities of food all at once. The Tempered glass lids allow you to keep track of all your favorite soups and stews as they simmer, and the lid knobs prevent your hand from getting burnt while removing the lids.

Brand: OMS

Colour: Beige

Material: Granitec

Set Includes: 1 x 20cm x 10cm/2.6 lt casserole
                     1 x 24cm x 12cm/4.3 lt casserole
                     1 x 26cm x 7.5cm/3.4 lt low casserole
                     1 x 26cm x 5.5cm/2.4 lt frying pan

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