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Sealy Posturematic Odessa Motion Bed

Sealy Posturematic Odessa Motion Bed

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Introducing the epitome of luxurious rest - the Sealy Posturematic Odessa 

The Posturematic Odessa is more than a bed. It is a luxurious piece of furniture that provides rest and security. Apart from a world-class adjustable base, the Odessa Adjustable Power Base is outfitted with two USB ports so that you can keep your devices charged while you stay in bed all day. Furthermore, you can download the comfort base app to your phone and adjust your bed without missing a beat. It doesn’t really get more luxurious than this!

The standby mode of Odessa’s German-engineered motor is super energy efficient, so you will hardly notice an increase in your electricity bill. Another great feature of the Odessa is the wall-hugging technology that allows for the head of the bed to stay close to the wall as you move it up and down. While you are adjusting the head, you might as well adjust the foot of the bed so that you can feel like you're drifting on a weightless cloud. 

Safety Plus Features:

Sealy only wants the best for you, so they design all of their beds so that it enhances your quality of life by creating a healthy and restorative sleep system. And the Posturematic Odessa is no exception! The Sealy Safety Plus features are built into the bed to protect you from power surges and pinching mattresses. Moreover, you will experience zero pull force as you adjust the bed up or down. 

Smart Bed:

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can literally set the head and foot angle of your Posturematic Odessa from your phone. Moreover, with pre-programmed functions such as Anti-snore and Zero gravity, you can simply download the comfort base app to your phone or tablet and adjust your bed without having to move a muscle. And it gets better! You can also store your two favourite bed positions in the app and then, with the flick of a finger, adjust your bed to that ideal position. 

Sleep Enhancement Technology:

You didn’t really think it could get any better, did you? Well, the Posturematic Odessa comes with four built-in massage programmes. You can set the intensity level of vibrations as well as the pulse of the vibrations. Furthermore, there are three timer options you can choose from. So you get to decide how long your bed induced massage lasts. 

If you are looking for a luxury sleep solution, this is it

The Posturematic Odessa comes with a choice of Sealy Hybrid Sage Firm or - Plush mattress. However, for the ultimate luxury sleep experience, you can opt to upgrade the mattress for a Sealy Crown Jewel Foam Encased mattress.

Plush mattresses are soft and squishy, giving way beneath your weight and moulding around the outline of your body. This means superb comfort and effective support. If you sleep on your back or side, go for this option.

A firm mattress rating does not give way too much but it provides excellent back support and spinal alignment. For stomach and back sleepers, firm mattresses are great. 

Here are some of the brilliant qualities you can expect from the Sealy Hybrid mattress range:

  • Climate Control and Breathability: Covered in cool-to-the-touch technology, you will sleep easy at night without struggling with temperature regulation.  
  • Allergen Protect: Your mattress is filled with fibres that protect it from common allergens such as dust mites. Sleep soundly with clean airways.
  • Moisture Protect: To aid in your sleep experience, Moisture Protect technology draws fluids away from your body. Bye-bye night sweats! 
  • Zone Support: A high-density foam layer in the central third part of the mattress gives extra lower back support and increases mattress longevity. 
  • Duraflex Foam Encased Edge Support: This allows the mattress to be tilted at unusual angles without losing its shape. On top of that, the Duraflex Edge Support protects the spring pockets within the mattress. 
  • Exclusive Body Sense Pocket System: Individually encased springs conform to your body to minimize motion transfer.

To Summarise Sealy Posturematic Odessa Bed:

  • Adjustable head up to 65 degrees
  • Adjustable foot up to 35 degrees
  • German-engineered motor
  • Emergency power down
  • Pinch-free zones
  • Bluetooth control
  • Programmable memory
  • 4 Massage options
  • 360 kg total weight capacity
  • Years 1-3 full coverage on parts & labour
  • Years 4-5 full coverage on parts only
  • Years 6-15 Prorated coverage of frame only



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