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Whirlpool 40L built-in Microwave Oven - W7MW541SAF

Whirlpool 40L built-in Microwave Oven - W7MW541SAF

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Brand: Whirlpool 

Colour: Silver/Black


Dual Crisp
Enjoy an unbeatable crispness outside and a delicious
tenderness inside, with DualCrisp. An exclusive
technology by Whirlpool. Two microwave emission
points to completely enfold food and evenly cook it
also from the bottom.


Fast grilling, faster cleaning. Your Microwave’s
powerful grilling function provides the same delicious
results as a traditional oven. The tilting motion of the
grill also ensures easier cleaning.


Fast defrosting. Use the unique JetDefrost 3D system
to defrost food effectively and with ease in your
microwave oven.


6TH SENSE technology
Confident cooking. With 6TH SENSE technology, your
microwave automatically sets the time, temperature
and energy levels during the cooking process.


6TH SENSE technology W6 W7 Phoenix
No more guesswork. Simply pick your recipes, and let
6th SENSE cook them to perfection, every time. Up to
40 cooking combinations organized to fit your lifestyle
and diet, for a full assisted cooking experience.


The AssistedDisplay provides clear, common-sense
instructions for easy microwave cooking. Complete
with 18 capacitive touch sensors, dials with touch
sensors, and organisable lists, the Assisted Display
empowers consumers to achieve excellent results with
step-by-step guidance, info, and alerts and savour the
intuitive 6TH SENSE Cooking Combinations experience.


Unbeatable crispness. This Whirlpool Microwave’s
Crisp function and dedicated pan ensures you can cook
the crispiest pizza, pie or quiche, anytime.


Healthy, steamed meals, anytime. Steam technology
provides the healthiest, tastiest recipes, at the touch of
a button.


• 6TH Sense technology
• 6TH Sense CRISP Function with CRISP Plate
• 6th Sense Defrost
• Crisp Function
• Cavity 40 L
• Jet Defrost: fast reheating
• Steam function
• Steam&Boil (Built-in)
• Bread Defrost function
• 900 W microwave
• Protruding handle
• 40 cm turntable
• Maximum dish diameter: 410 mm
• Full Touch Screen Control panel
• Speedoven 45 cm
• Frontal ventilation
• Drop down opening

Model Number: W7MW541SAF

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