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Whirlpool freestanding front loading washing machine: 9kg - FSCR 90426

Whirlpool freestanding front loading washing machine: 9kg - FSCR 90426

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With industry-leading technology, the Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine provides low noise, less vibration and high efficiency. This is achieved through what Whirlpool calls, Zen Technology.

Unlike your traditional motors, Zen Technology is a motor thatoperateswithout a belt and pulley, allowing for fewer vibrating parts. The innovative motor significantlyreduces noisewhilst still maintaining a superior spin efficiency rating of A class spinning.

6th Sense Innovation

Constantly knows how dirty your washing is, using just enough water to get the job done, and switching off automatically when clean - Eco-friendly, saving you time, energy, and money.

One thing we all share in todays day and age is the common interest in preserving our natural resources. We tend to take a more caring approach in saving both water and energy, not to mention money! So why should your views be any different when buying a washing machine?

Save up to50% water and energywith your Whirlpool 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine and enjoy the brilliance with is 6th Sense

Brand: Whirlpool 

Colour: Inox 


  • 6th Sense
  • 9Kg Washing capacity
  • 10 Wash programmes
  • 'A' Washing performance
  • 'B' Spin performance
  • 1400rpm
  • 58L Drum volume
  • Foam control
  • Balance control
  • 6th Sense programmer & touch control
  • LED digital display
  • Various indicators
  • Unique 'Soft stainless steel drum'
  • OMNIA chrome frame door
  • Dosing recommendation
  • Keyboard child lock
  • Adjustable feet
  • Noise: 69 dBA

Model Number: FSCR 90426

Delivery takes 7 to 14 working days 

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